About Me

Goldfish Internet is a small web design, software development and hosting business currently located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK.

About Us

I've been helping businesses take advantage of online opportunities, expand operations and maintain hosting operations using a variety of technologies including a mix of custom build, open source and "off-the-shelf" systems. Some of the earliest projects I developed for my clients are still active now many years later, generating sales or improving efficiency.

Whilst its good to regularly re-design and change to the latest techniques and technologies it is also refreshing to have mature systems that are still proving to be relevant. It is not that I've stood still either, research and development has always been important part of my own personal skills evolution but as a freelance developer that process is strategic and selective.

My Approach

My approach is to cut out as much paperwork as I can and retain some degree of flexibility through the process. I avoid detailed technical specs and lengthy contracts up front but retain enough planning in the process to help ensure everyone understands the key deliverables and milestones.

I discuss what you need, propose a plan and budget and outline key features and requirements. Once you decide to proceed I begin the build process and commit to delivering your solution with minimal fuss. When appropriate, I provide design documents, visuals or wire-frame suggestions for your approval. You are included in key milestones so you can track progress, and make any important decisions along the way.