Manuka Honey is one of New Zealand's premium health products. Each extraction is tested and graded by measuring the concentration level of active ingredient which forms the key health benefits found in Manka Honey. Part of the production process involves mixing various batches to satisfy commercial orders for a specific grade of honey. Optimising this process can have a major profit benefit so careful selection and blending is required in order to maximise the harvest.

Honey Blend Tool


Working with operations manager we developed a combination of databases and automation processes to collect and track internal extraction data through the year and merged this with remote testing result data provided by accredited laboratories using their api services. Utilising a combination of stock levels and test grades we designed and developed a software tool to select a range of optimal blend options from current stock and save these as draft or final blend combinations for use by the commercial supply team.


This automation process helped cut out many months of manual work, improved accuracy and allowed new staff to quickly become familiar with the blending and selection process.


Multiple CRON Processes, Multiple API Sources, Automation, Database, Email Alerts, CSV Export, Javascript UI, PHP