The farming industry has various health and safety risks specifically those associated with off road vehicle use. Often accidents are avoidable and are caused by a lack of training or hazard awareness. In order to demonstrate compliance and reduce insurance levies, farmers need to demonstrate that they and their staff are suitably qualified, licenced or trained in the operation of machinery and vehicles.

As a farm vehicle trainer and assessor the client wanted to offer various certification packages for online training and assessment. These would include courses for Quad Bikes, Farm Bikes and Tractors.

Custom E-Commerce System


Working as a sub contractor for a software consultancy, I developed a custom training and e-commerce system with marketing facilities to promote online certification. The core system consists of a range of courses, exams and certifications which candidates complete after reviewing training materials.

The project involved creating a set of design visuals which, once approved, was converted to a custom Concrete CMS theme. The e-commerce system presented a range of course qualifications as products. Unlike standard e-commerce each item purchased resolved to an individuals access to a course and certificate. Farmers purchase training courses and assign them to staff for completion. Each course consists of training materials defined as HTML text, graphics and photos, file downloads or videos. Courses have multiple choice exams and an optional practical assessment. Once completed the student's course becomes a qualification certificate. Farmers use these certificates to provide evidence that staff have completed suitable training. This helps ensure staff are well trained and farmers comply with Health and Safety regulations and potentially reduce insurance levies.


Following initial deployment the system has been expanded to support practical assessments and qualification of regional assessors. The system continues to certify farmers and staff although online remains more successful than practical in-person assessments.


Custom PHP, Stripe Payments, PDF Generation, Concrete CMS Custom Theme