Manufacturers face various challenges bringing products to market especially if they supply globally. The client wanted to support various global distributors by providing each with e-commerce and promotional tools to drive sales and showcase their products. Each distributor had different requirements - variations in product range, metric or imperial measurements, prices, currency, tax and shipping. To add further complexity, some distributors would own and run the e-commerce sales tools, others would just manage and process orders.

The in-house head office team already included a marketing manager and a designer however other professionals such as photographers, IT and software developers where contracted in when required. This lead to a variety of disparate systems built and hosted with different languages and technologies.

E-Commerce Systems


A casual contractor, I continue to work with the in-house team developing and maintaining e-commerce websites for various global distributors. Working from supplied designs websites are developed and optimised for regional SEO. Where product data is shared between distributors, text titles and descriptions are made unique to avoid duplicate content issues with Google.

When payment or shipping extensions are not available, I write or adjust custom payment facilities along with specialised shipping features that utilise api calls to remote shipping providers.

Over time, as each distributor's shopping cart ages - I work with the designer to replace or refresh the target website. If that is not possible, I work on maintenance and support patches to help secure and extend the life of older systems that still generate good sales.


A continual maintenance and review schedule, coupled with regional Google Pay Per Click advertising campaigns have proved to be an effective strategy over the last decade as sales continue to improve year on year.


Custom Open Cart Themes, Custom Open Cart Extensions, Credit Card Payments, Shipping Providers