Forestry is one of New Zealand's prime industries with timber products widely used in the construction sector. The client, a leading timber provider, processes forestry into a variety of building products designed for a range of uses. Each year the heavy processing machinery is stopped so that annual maintenance can be completed by multiple contracting companies and individual contractors.

Each contractor needs to understand and comply with the Health and Safety responsibilities laid out in the client's policies and any work needs to be planned and approved in advance. New contractors need to have been given induction training and every few years each contractor needs to complete a review to confirm they understand the safety rules of the work site.

The client had some basic tools to train, induct and track contractors however they requested ideas to improve the process and remove some of the manual steps that slowed down the induction of contractors and posed problems with reliability.

Health and Safety System


Working as a sub contractor to a software consultancy I developed a system to train and induct contractors online. Each contractor is held in a draft state until they complete training and successfully pass the induction exam. Any new work is submitted as a request by the contractor's company and held in an approval queue before being given site access and permission to perform hot work, work at height or vehicle access.

For contractor companies with multiple staff, they have specific tools to add contractors to their team and begin the induction process. Companies can see any staff that have failed inductions and require further training. Using the system's messaging tool they can liaise with the client's administrators on the occasion that they need support.

The key benefits of the system include training contractors, keeping compliance records and tracking jobs.


The system has proved to be very popular with the sales representatives. Following initial deployment the system has been expanded to support various certification scenarios from specific exam, course completion and event attendance and allows builders merchants to brand certificates for their hosted events.


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