Forestry is one of New Zealand's prime industries with timber products widely used in the construction sector. The client, a leading timber provider, processes forestry into a variety of building products designed for a range of uses. The client asked for ideas to help their team of regional sales representatives market products to builders merchants, to distribute promotional merchandise, track performance and develop a database of customers and end-users.

Marketing Tool


Working as a sub contractor for a software consultancy, I developed a solution design with product training features. The system consists of a range of courses, exams and certifications which candidates complete after reviewing training materials or in person sessions.

Whilst the system supports casual registration and access to on-demand product training, the primary usage involves attending an event, hosted at builders merchants and presented by a sales representative. Attendees would be:- builders, end users or the builders merchant's staff.

The key benefits of the system include training staff, advisors and end users on the correct product. Detailing key points of difference between the premium timber product and lower cost competitors. Developing relationships between sales representatives, builders merchants and their staff. Developing relationships between builders merchants and their customers. Collecting registration details for supply of promotional merchandise and future marketing opportunities.


The system has proved to be very popular with the sales representatives. Following initial deployment the system has been expanded to support various certification scenarios from specific exams, course completions and event attendance. The system also allows builders merchants to brand certificates for their hosted events further supporting the partnership between reps, their customers and end users.


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