The client, requested we design a human resources system suited to their specific industry sector and country. It was decided to investigate a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that could first be used by the client and later sold on a monthly subscription plan to other related companies in the same sector. This would initially involve creating a software design document that would outline the required features along with deciding factors, technologies, security concerns and key milestones.

SaaS HR System


As a sub contractor for a software consultancy, I performed preliminary research followed by a system design document. The system design proposed the use of Laravel PHP Framework with Stripe payments for automated monthly subscriptions. Development would incorporate an agile approach to allow for later additions and evolution of the early features. Initially the focus involved building a fully functional prototype. This prototype would then form the foundation for evolving the system.

Working in Laravel, I developed the early stages, database design, seeders, subscription and signup, user interface, recruitment and personalised signed documents before handing over to a larger outsourced team for rapid development.


After developing the marketing site, SaaS subscription features, recruitment process and personalised signed documents, the client demonstrated the progress prototype and secured a new investment partner. This has allowed for the introduction of a wider team of developers who are continuing to develop and evolve from the original prototype.


PHP, Laravel, Livewire, Stripe Subscription Payments, Multi-Tenant SaaS